Thank You For Your Enquiry!

Thank you for your enquiry with Have I Got PPI UK. A pre-populated Letter of Authority from Reclaim-MY (our sister company) has been emailed to you. Please print this document and check that your details are correct. Then add any previous names and previous addresses relating to your pre-2011 credit. Please ensure that you countersign any additions and/or amendments you make. Then, please sign, date and scan or take a high quality photo, ensuring to capture the whole document.

Please then return to us via email at ‘’. On receipt, we will then write to your nominated lenders. Please note that, due to high volumes being dealt with by the banks it may be several weeks/months before we have an update for you. At this stage, you can not make a choice as whether or not to use our service to make a complaint if PPI is located – this will happen automatically.

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