We are NO Longer Taking on PPI Claims. If you are interested in Flight Delay Claims, please use our Form Provided

Free PPI Check

Use our Free PPI Check to find out if you have had PPI. We Can Run This For You!

If you have ever taken out a mortgage, loan, credit card, store card, bought something on hire purchase (HP) or bought something on credit, then there is a chance that you may have taken out a PPI policy at the same time.

If you believe that you may have been mis-sold PPI or are unsure if you have taken out PPI use our Free PPI Check to find out if you have had PPI!

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PPI Check Process - How to Make a PPI Claim Check

This is a step-by-step guide on how to use our Free check for PPI to see if you have had PPI attached to your finances:

Fill in the form on this page to request your Free PPI pack, or alternatively email us (info@haveigotppiuk.com) with the details for us to send a pack out to you. Please fill out our online form for a pack to be emailed to you.

Once you receive the PPI Check pack you will need to fill in some basic details, sign and date the pack and then send it back to us in the free post envelope provided. The pack is very straight forward to fill in. Instructions are included within the pack on how to fill it in. Download the Letter of Authority, check the information contained therein and then print, sign, date and return via scan/photo and email. Please DO NOT post back.

On receipt of your completed PPI pack we will then check the pack details against any information that you may have already given us previously for any mistakes or amendments that may be needed. We will then contact the lenders that you want a PPI Check carried out on and we will act on your behalf to obtain your PPI information.

We will contact you to let you know the results of your PPI Check. We will confirm whether you have had PPI or not.

If PPI is confirmed and you feel that the PPI may have been mis-sold and you want us to run a claim for you, you will need to fill in a questionnaire that helps us gather any reasons and information required to run the claim and raise a complaint with the lender or company.

Before we can proceed with any claims for mis-sold PPI at this point you would need to enter in to an agreement with us and agree to our terms and conditions of service (copies of which are given to you when you sign up, available on this website and upon request).

If your claim for mis-sold PPI is successful, a fee of 20% will be charged.

If the lender or company that we have complained to about the mis-sold PPI contest your claim, we will check the reasons for their doing so and where necessary we will escalate your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


PPI stands for Payment Protection Insurance. It is an insurance product that was added to your finances (loans, credit cards, mortgages etc) many times without your knowledge and is designed to cover payments in case you cannot because of circumstances like being ill or loosing your job. For more info please visit our What is PPI page.

It is easier to claim PPI back from any finances that were active in the past 6 years. You can claim for PPI that was mis sold previous to this period, however it is more difficult. For more info on How far back can you claim PPI, please see our page.

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