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PPI FAQs: How to Claim Back PPI

You can claim PPI back yourself by going direct to the lender who you believe may have mis sold you the Payment Protection Policy. You can send a letter of complaint to the lender advising them of your concerns. The lender will require full details of your complaint and quite often will require you to fill out an additional 11 page Payment Protection Insurance Consumer Questionnaire.

We regularly come across many clients that have tried to claim back PPI or complain directly to the lenders themselves but often these clients end up contacting a Claims Management Company or a solicitors firm when they hit a problem/barrier with the lender or simply become frustrated with the process.

In our experience the majority of cases require a significant amount of correspondence between the lender and the person making the complaint.

It is often the case that a client will simply not pursue or continue with their PPI claim when they have encountered issues with the lender or the amount time, work and effort involved simply becomes too stressful to them.

The Steps of a PPI Claim

  • Initial complaint letter created and sent to the lender with Letter of Authority.
  • Initial Complaint letter to be chased until acknowledged by lender (resend if necessary)
  • Final decision to be chased from lender (FOS questionnaire to be completed or additional info/ documents forwarded if requested)

Within this process, we have experienced that many lenders can send back letters detailing that they weren’t able to find the client’s account details, or that they didn’t exist (can be because of take overs for example Santander Bank taking over Alliance and Leicester) etc.

The final 4 outcomes of the process are:

  1. Settlement -> Result: Agree settlement and fee with client and chase payment from lender, process client fee, case completed. (If not using a PPI Claims Company, then you would chase payment from the lender direct)
  2. Rejection -> Result: Send Case to FOS for final decision.
  3. NO PPI -> Result: Obtain Proof from Client (if you are not using a PPI Claims Company, then you would provide proof to the lender direct) or cancel case.
  4. Time Barred -> Result: Cancel Case.

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