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Why Us?

No Upfront Costs

We do not charge any claim set up fees or any upfront costs whatsoever. We only require any payment if we successfully reclaim any money for you.

Genuine No Win No Fee

You can be assured that we operate a genuine No Win No Fee service. As long as you stick to our terms and conditions we will never charge you any fees other than the fees that you agree to when you sign up for our services. You will be sent a copy of our terms and conditions before we start any work on your behalf. Our terms and conditions are also available on our website and upon request.

Competitive Fees

We believe that our fees are competitively priced. Obviously we are a business and need to charge for our services. At the same time we want our clients to still be able to keep as much of their money as possible after our fees. Our fees are 20%.

We Take Care Of The Whole Process

We can take care of the entire process of your mis-sold PPI claims. Many of our customers know that they could claim for mis-sold PPI themselves directly. However they also understand that it can take up a lot of time claiming themselves and prefer to take up the services of companies such as ourselves.

We have been processing financial mis-selling claims for many years now. As a company we have been regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of claims management activities since 2009.

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